Clare Sangha

A Zen Community in Baltimore, MD

Incorporated as The Zen Community of Baltimore in 1993, Clare Sangha is a multifaith Zen community serving the Mid-Atlantic region.

The Clare Sangha consists of people from all walks of life and various religious backgrounds who come together regularly to support and strengthen one another in their Zen practice.  Our common purpose is to cultivate wisdom and compassion.  ZCB is affiliated with the White Plum Asanga and is a member of the Zen Peacemakers Sangha.

We welcome experienced Zen students and those who wish to explore Zen practice.  Zen does not conflict with any religious creed nor suppose belief in any particular doctrine.  A contemplative tradition similar in spirit to Zen meditation is a component of most major religions.  No matter how long we have been doing zazen (sitting meditation), we recognize ourselves as beginners with a beginner’s mind.

ZCB is a non-profit organization.

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